Abstract Weaving

Abstract Weaving

Hello! Hi! I’m Sammie Knight from Koke Me designs & I’d like to preemptively say I am a terrible writer & when it’s come to sitting down to write my little part - I have no clue where to start. 

So because apparently when I do things I seem to break all the rule of how to do things ‘properly’ - I’ve always lived by the saying that ‘you have to know the rules to break the rules’ when learning & doing, but I always change things. It’s probably a terrible thing but that’s me. I never took classes on weaving, like a lot of people I’ve ended up self taught but I’m okay with that. I started seeing incredible pieces which I wanted to then try myself, I stumbled upon Rainie's glorious shop of The Unusual Pear & bought well too much without even knowing anything about weaving. I then made my dear partner buy me her book for Christmas so I could actually learn how to do the magical things on her magical looms, that was probably over two years ago now. 

I guess I’d like to talk about how I come up with weaving or any sort of creation. 

Most people have a plan, they have something which inspires them, a picture, a scene or something of the sorts - me? Well I just seem to dump out a bunch of fibre and see what falls where and what potentially would work well together. Weather it’s textures, colours etc. 

When I then start, I never ever have a starting point. That’s probably one of the hardest parts for me, I never know if I should start with a fringe or start at the top & weave down or what I should actually do. So I just start weaving and start piling the fibre in & on. Also when I say I start, I literally sit down keen as beans then remember I haven’t even warped a loom, or grabbed my trusty scissors or weaving needles. So then I go through the fun process of warping (that’s not sarcasm, I actually really enjoy warping a loom - also the bigger the easier for me). I’ll also usually have multiple moments when I sit down ready to start (again) then remember I still don’t have my scissors, or I don’t have my weaving needle with me or I just simply need a cup of tea. 

So when I say I do everything the wrong way, this is what I mean. I literally made my little weaving & then remembered I was going to take pictures step by step with what I was doing. But I ended up in my own little groove and just went for it 🤭

When I weave & literally surround myself in fibre (because I’ve tipped my baskets of wooly goodness out all around me), pop in my earbuds & listen to a book, I don’t know what it is but listening to a book literally lets me completely tune out and fully put myself into the weaving - even though that’s such a contradictory thing by listening to a book while weaving. 

My top likes/loves of weaving 

  • I LOVE seeing the opportunities of weaving, what other people do & all the different outcomes. I know it’s an art form but it’s truely something else on top of that. 
  • I love just zoning out & zoning into the creation. 
  • I really do love warping.
  • Seeing your own progress! 

My few things I dislike (I feel like people will be with me on this) 

  • Weaving in ends! I mean it can be relaxing, but I’m not a patient person when it comes to little things I’m not 100% enjoying. 
  • Popping the weaving onto the dowel/stick etc. it terrifies me - still
  • Stopping and starting too much - I think it’s just the person I am, I like to sit and do for as long as I can, I don’t like doing lots of little bits as I end up with too many different ideas I’d like to start. 

Little things which I’ve found which help me weave!

  • Having your space, this can easily be the couch! But having your space to have your loom, scissors, fibres surrounding you. Wherever you are comfortable! 
  • Listening to a good book, podcast, music or something of the sorts at least. I feel as though it just helps with getting your creative flow going. 
  • Having some inspiration (or going with it like I do) 
  • A good cuppa 
  • & lastly the best weaving book you’ll find, The Woven Home! 


So my baby weaving made on the gorgeous little travelling loom was a delight (even though i forgot to get step by step pictures), I warped it in gorgeous gold string, and then my eye caught on the mustard, purple & light pink as well as the naturals and I just went with it. I’m always used to my own hand spun, but using The Unusual Pears’ was lovely, especially the scrappy new life yarn. So delicious! 

- Sammie

Sammie Knight is a fibre artist based in Merimbula (Yuin country) who's passions include weaving, spinning, carding, macrame and reading. You can find her on instagram @kokemedesigns where she shares behind the scenes videos of spinning and carding processes (I personally love watching her videos) and all of her whimsical creations. You can purchase her art and yarns from her website kokeme.com.au


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