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Lupy Lane

Weaving Shuttle

Weaving Shuttle

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One size fits all! - 25cm (10")

Designed & made in Australia 
By Lupy Lane and laser cut in Sydney, Australia with sustainably sourced FSC certified spotted gum solid timber. Each piece is sanded smooth by my husband and I in our home studio. 

What's it for?
A shuttle is used in place of a weaving needle. The great feature of using a shuttle is that you can wind long lengths of yarn onto it's body, so you don't spend as much time pulling the yarn through the warps (like when using a needle)

How to use
- Select your yarn and place the end in the slot of the shuttle.
- Wind the yarn over each side of the shuttle, creating a figure 8 pattern.
- Once the shuttle has enough yarn wound on (don't make it too bulky), cut the yarn from the ball. 
- Begin weaving. The tips at each end of the shuttle have been sanded down to points, just like our weaving needles, making it easy to pick over and under each warp thread.  

Another thing I love about having a shuttle in my toolbox is that occasionally I will use the shuttle to cut lengths of yarn for rya or tassels. Wind the yarn around the shuttle, between the ends multiple times and cut once though the yarn. Voila! Multiple lengths of yarn the same size.

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